Our family is a traditional Brahmin family.In all, we are seven in number.My father was the Principal of the school and served in many schools in different parts of Bihar. Due to this reason,he is very conscious and broad minded,and at the same time very disciplined.Now he is retired.My mother is extremely religious and never goes for meal without prayer and worship.My "Bua" is the seniormost member of the family and generally, no any major decision has been taken without her approval! She is highly "educated" in the religion.

I have three brothers including me and one sister.All brotheres and sister are married. The eldest brother,Dr.Manoj Kumar Jha is a successfull doctor and lives with his family at Dhanbad,now in Jharkhand State.He has one son-Ashutosh(6 years old) and one daughter-Ankita(3 years old). My "Bhabhi" is educated in Psychology(She is an M.A. in Psychology),and is a housewife. Another elder brother is also living with his family at Bokaro,now in Jharkhand State. He is an M.A. in Sociology,and is a lecturer in a college at Bokaro.He has two sons- Abinash(3 years old) and another yet to be named(recently born);"Bhabhi" is an L.L.B,and her parents live at Rajbiraj in the Mithilanchal Areaof Nepal.She is also a housewife.My sister, Tanuja is the youngest of all of us.She is also married and lives with her husband in Burdwan District of West Bengal.She has one daughter-Chandani(3 yrs old).By and large, all of the family members are amicable by nature.


My education started at home and after 6th year of my age,I was taken away by my father to West Champaran,far away from home.There,we three brothers studied together. After six years there,We again came back to our district, but still,not home.By that time our eldest brother had left for Patna and got admitted in Science College,Patna. Again,after 1984,my second brother left for Darbhanga, C.M.Science College, for the study in 12th standard.In 1986,I also left home for Patna for study in 12th class and remained at Science College, Patna till 1988.In 1989,I came to Delhi and got admitted in KiroriMal College, University of Delhi, for the course in Mathematical Statistics.After finishing graduation,I shifted to Hindu College,University of Delhi,for Master's degree in Statistics.Then, I came to INSDOC( a CSIR Lab),New Delhi for Information Science course.For the details see the Resume


Although the list of friends is very long,here are mentioned only those who are currently in touch with me.

---Another list of friends will appear very soon---


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