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IF YOU are a " want to be " writer or someone struggling to find his feet in the game of weaving words, there is help at hand, with several websites providing useful tips.
    This site provides resources for writers. It includes job listings, author interviews, chat and message boards.
    This site contains articles, interviews and resources for screenwriting, freelance writing, playwriting, novels and non- fiction and business writing.
    This is an online community of professional and new writers who face the challenges of writing with children underfoot. It offers articles, resources, contests and discussion forums.
    This is an online directory of literary agents as well as discussion forums, articles and advice on finding an agent.
    This is a website for anybody who loves to read - or aspires to write - bestselling fiction. There are book reviews and previews, writing advice, an online book shop, a writer's showcase and Internet links.

    Books like films serve two purposes. They help us escape the world we are living in and also to understand it (the world). And most of us are aware that the habit of reading is becoming less of a habit and more of a luxury. And that's not good. May be this post-modern phenomenon of online books (most of them free) would arrest this trend.

    This website provides access to over 3000 free classic books.
    Here you have a collection of 14,000 English works in various formats. They are free for personal and non-commercial use.
    Here you could read all of Hans Christian Andersen's 168 tales in English.
    Here you could read thousands of free online books.
    This is an interactive, hyperactive environment dedicated to the enjoyment of Shakespeare's works.
    This site lists authors and their works, with news, articles and events.
    Meet Sidney Sheldon at his own site.
    This is a bi-weekly newspaper that covers current events, comics and discoveries from the enchanted world of Harry Potter.
    This is the publisher's site for the Harry Potter series. It includes chapter excerpts, discussion guides and fun and games with Harry Potter.
    If words are the building blocks of meaning, rhetorical devices are tools for fashioning the manner in which the meaning is conveyed.This website is an online guide of rhetorical devices and a glossary of literary terms.
    This website is about that fabulous literary device chaismus. Here's a sample chaismus (mouthed by Churchill) taken from the site. "All I can say is that I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me."
    It is a website providing free access to the world of learning and skills. Under this, www.language- contains information on 6,500 language centres teaching 75 different native languages to foreign students in 85 countries.
    It gives details on 60,000 e-learning courses offered by universities and colleges in 131 countries.
    It is a site providing information on 3,500 boarding schools in 62 countries while contains information on 600 hotel schools in 71 countries.
    It gives information about 2,700 universities and colleges in 104 countries offering business courses.
    It provides information on 3,000 aviation training centres in 60 countries.


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